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I draw. I write. I dance. I love. I cry. I hate. I laugh.I believe. I wish. I dream. I live. I smile. I design. I talk. I fight.
Taylor Swift is my inspiration and my role model i love her to death you can say i have a HUGE girl crush on her and I'm proud of it :), I'm also a huge Jonas Brothers Fan since forever! They changed my life and they're my everything. WARNING I'm a Jaylor hardcore shipper so expect me to post a lot about them. CHECK OUT MY NAV AND MY TAGS TO FIND MORE ABOUT ME OR JUST ASK (:

cookie monsters
"It was the perfect way to end the record, after all the heartbreak on the album it leaves the fans thinking of a mystery of what happens next after the end of the song."- Taylor on Begin Again. —Taylor Swift on “Begin Again” (via maseratiswift)


Belgian Waffles

Welcome to The Red Tour!
These are the hands of fate. You're my Achilles heel.

@nickjonas: #Alsicebucketchallenge I donated as well. I challenge @cubswanson @petertunneyart @oliviaculpo Run Charlie Run! @charliewalk I told you it would be epic : )


Love will come and love will go, But you can make it on your own, Sing that song, go, oh won’t you leave me now


Nina Nesbitt looking cute as anything // awh awh

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